Depako Stretch

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Depako stretch gives a statistical recommendation on the best parameters of the stretch film for given pallet geometry and mechanical forces in the transport. This module can be used for the automatic or semi-automatic machines with a rotating table or arm.

Geometric characteristics of the packed pallet

Input data of stretch film

Lp - Length of packed pallet (m)*
Bp - Width of packed pallet (m)*
Hp - Height of packed pallet (m)*
Cp - Length of packet on pallet (m)*
Dp - Width of packet on pallet (m)*
Q- Weight of packed pallets (kg)*

Cp- can be greater, less or equal to the Lp

Dp- can be greater, less or equal to the Bp

Foil thickness(micron)*
Foil width(mm) *
Tensile stress at break,MD(MPa)*
Tensile stress at break,TD(MPa)*
Elongation at break,MD(%)*
Elongation at break,TD(%)*
Density (kg/m3)*
Prestretch (%)*

Characteristics of packaged articles and transport

For checking existing packages, you need to fill fields

Type of packaging*
Materials from witch are made*

For the selected transport we calculate the optimal level of security...

Number of wrapping in the lower zone of the palette
Number of wrapping in the top zone of the palette
Total number of wrapping
Usage film per pallet (gram)-

Those who do not have or do not know some of the information, we will propose a one of the optimal solutions..

Depako Stretch

Technical requirements:

Weight of pallet: from150 to 750 kg
Maximum overhang is: 25 mm
Height of pallet: from 800 to 2100 mm
Equivalent force holding of packed pallets is projected 60 minutes after wrapping
(increase of elastic force for stretch foil after 60 minutes, and atmospheric effects
are not taken into consideration)

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