Depako Strap

For best optimization, please select all fields...

Depako Strap gives a statistical recommendation for the minimum required dimension for the straps for given pallet geometry and mechanical forces in the transport.

Geometric characteristics of the packed pallet

Characteristics of strap and transport

Lp - Length of packed pallet (m)*
Bp - Width of packed pallet (m)*
Hp - Height of packed pallet (m)*
Cp - Length of packet on pallet (m)*
Dp - Width of packet on pallet (m)*
Q- Weight of packed pallets (kg)*

Cp- can be greater, less or equal to the Lp

Dp- can be greater, less or equal to the Bp

For the selected transport we calculate the optimal level of security

For checking existing packages, you need to fill fields

Force strength at break (N)
Width of strap (mm)
Thickness of strap (mm)

Those who do not have the information from the manufacturer of Force strength at break (N), we take the calculation of the average value for the specified section and the material.

Depako Strap

Technical requirements:

Weight of pallet: from100 to 1000 kg
Maximum overhang is: 25 mm
Height of pallet: from 800 to 2200 mm
Number of of vertical berths
For other cases, please contact us.

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