Depako Box

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Depako box is a statistical method that gives the theoretical value of box compression strength. It applies to the RSC boxes.

Characteristics of box

Thickness of corrugated fiberboard (mm)*
Grammage of corrugated fiberboard (g/m2)*
ECT (edge crush test, kN/m)*
Inside length of the box (mm)*
Inside width of the box (mm)*
Inside height of the box (mm)*

Only for box without Inner carton (reinforcement) and without laminating the box .

Technical requirements:

Only for 201 Fefco (RSC boxes)
Max. lenght of box: 550 mm
Max. widrt of box: 400 mm
Max. height of box: 400 mm
Flute: A, B, C, BE, BC, CE
For other cases, please contact us.

Depako Box

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